In keeping with our philosophy of connecting with the local community, we are proud to offer our guests a unique holiday experience, specially designed, organised and developed by some of the wonderful staff at Lanterns. We are pleased to offer visitors an opportunity to experience a beautiful and unique Vietnamese Country town, Ninh Hoa, a traditional unspoiled village located about 40kms north of Nha Trang.   


What makes this tour unique is that it’s a chance to look inside the lives of real  Vietnamese people & get an insight into local culture. You'll enter the actual homes where some of our staff and their friends & families were born and raised, sharing a drink/meal with them, something not many tourists have or will ever see.  All this while being personally accompanied by your own Lanterns guide, who either lives in Ninh Hoa or has family and friends there.

All Bookings require confirmation from Lanterns Restaurant & minimum 24 hours notice.